Friday, 24 June 2011

On High Maintenance Women

Happy Friday,

It's been a while! I use this phrase more than I should, it's a guilty procrastinators way of subtly apologising for their incompetence. For those that care, I am back! With a video blog on high maintenance women.

The fact I filmed this vlog wearing a sequined gold jacket with Chanel earrings is an irony that does not fail to escape me. I do sincerely hope the visual contradiction does not detract from the spirit of the message.

As per usual I'll refrain from commenting further on the content of the blog. Please!

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For that have already and will, thank you!

I get asked to do hair and beauty vlogs a lot, though I find it flattering that the state of my hair/makeup has finally progressed from the comical state it was permanently in through 1998 to circa 2006, I remain diffident about my abilities. I'll leave the beauty vlogging to those that do it well.

Sidebar: My go to beauty blogger of the moment is Shirley of Meek~n~Mild check her site/videos for hair and beauty tips! Did I mention she writes on The Tip too?

However since I get a lot of asks...


In terms of what I used in that video/in general

Foundation: Bobby Brown, Oil Free Compact Golden 6. I've found Bobbi Brown to be the best foundation for my skin. Great match, not too heavy and the right amount of coverage. I don't use it often because I'm still not confident in terms of its application, plus I don't like foundation...but I'm gettig there.

Mascarra: Miss Sporty, Fabulous Lash. Cheap and cheerful. My bestie recommended it to me and it has changed my life. I will stage a protest if it is ever discotinued.

Eyeliner: Sleek, twist up pencil. Cheap and does the job (I'm sensing a trend).

Eyeliner 2 (used on lids) : Blue Heaven, Kajal. It's a product from India and is incredible. It's black as soot and soft. I'd like to shout out my eyebrowologist Mena for introducing me to India's best kept secret/

Blush: Nars, Exhibit A (if blushes could be books in the bible, pretty sure this would be in the pentateuch, it's THAT crucial) and Sleek, Flamingo.

Lips: Can't be bothered to dig through my bag. But I'm pretty sure the gloss is a clear one by Bourjois and the lipstick is a hot pink by Rimmel (maybe?)


Colour: I don't know my hairdresser Amanda bleached it for me. I simply obediently sat in the chair. It's technically a honey blonde.

Products: Kera Care Silken Seal (great for gloss and finish) and L'Oreal Elnett supreme hold because it's a hairspray that can hold through anything...if you get my drift *cough* Daily I use Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer.

In the video I'm wearing 3 tracks for a bit of lenghth and bounce, the hair brand I'm currently using is Milky Way, it's colour 4/30. The hair type is yaki because the texture's rough enough to blend with my natural hair.

In terms of shampoo and conditioner, I switch between Kera Care and Motions. Currently I'm loving Kera Care's conditioner, it's superb.

Erm, that's it in terms of makeup/hair stuff. I was asked to give a hair/beauty tip and all I have at the moment is drink lots of water and always believe in your sexy. Hope that was useful!

Thanks for reading,

Christiana xxx