Wednesday, 1 September 2010

No More Hype

The chances are you know a few people who perpetually speak about what they’re up to. Every time you connect with them they boast about what they’re about to do and how huge it’s going to be. The next time you run into them you’ll have a variant of the same conversation. Weeks, turn into months and then become years and their hype is yet to translate into anything substantial.

If you don’t know anyone personally take a moment to log onto Twitter or Facebook. I can guarantee you’ll find thousands of people bragging about their ‘hustle’, upcoming ‘huge project’ and how much money they’re going to make. These vapid individuals have glorified the pursuit of affluence and success above all else, yet have little or no concrete achievements to back up their constant hype.

Prematurely hyping about your success is stupidity in motion and people that engage in such behaviour have missed the obvious. Having a brilliant idea is no big deal. Talking about your amazing new idea is even less of a big deal. Most brilliant ideas die in people’s minds or on their lips after being over-talked to death. It’s closing the gap between idea creation and idea execution that matters. People that make things happen don’t spend their time talking about how they’re going to do it or fooling the world with their artificial hype. They just do. Despite this fact, too many people are experts in talking about what they’re going to do.

These individuals are so enamoured with hype and pretending they’re busy, they decide to find things to busy themselves with. In such cases being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive or creative. It just means they occupy themselves performing tasks that are inconsequential in order to further delude themselves. And in a society where people type so furiously on their BlackBerry’s they're inflicting premature arthritis upon their thumbs, everyone’s too busy to notice. Consequently a person can engineer their own hype for years without anyone spotting they’re full of crap or calling them out on their folly.

The lines have become so blurred, many confuse their busyness and talking about making things happen, with actually making them happen. Momentum that could be used to fuel a dream is expended talking about the dream. And the tragedy is people with great talent don’t realise that all their talking is distracting them from working.

The gulf between saying you’ll do it and getting it done is a wide as an ocean. Most people spend their time floating on rafts called excuses. However there are a select few who quietly build a boat and concentrate on navigating the waves that seek to set them off course. Part of building that boat (a.k.a ‘working’) involves shutting up and getting things done. Getting things done is boring. It isn’t glamorous or ‘tweet worthy’ and it involves a lot of hard graft, sweat and pain. At times your progress seems so slow you’ll feel like you’re stalling. Except you’re not stalling, you’re simply moving at the pace required to build anything that’s worthwhile.

Sidebar: Nothing worth building is constructed and celebrated overnight. If things come together easily, be wary. It’s probably not going to last.

Getting things done is so mundane you probably won’t want to share it with people, however it’s necessary component of getting anywhere. I know secrecy is underrated and rarely celebrated, but quietly getting things done (as opposed to broadcasting your dream) has many benefits. You get to make your mistakes without an audience. How can you be a failure if no one knew you were even trying?

I’m not knocking ambition, passion or enthusiasm. What I’m knocking is people incessantly speaking about their dreams without a corresponding work ethic. Telling us what you do is useless. Do what you do and it will speak for itself. Quietly and steadily make things happen. Without fanfare or broadcasting it on every social media platform possible. In the words of Nike, Just Do it. Execute. Resist the hype. Be so immersed in your work people forget you exist. There’ll be no need to generate an artificial buzz because if you create something worthwhile it will emit energy so powerful people will have to take note.

Those that broadcast the most often achieve the least and it’s not because they lack talent or skill. It’s because they eventually inhale the highly toxic gas generated by their own hype. So lay low whilst the others keep hyping. By the time they spot you, you’ll be an ‘overnight’ success.

Love & Light



  1. Love it! I have a few people that I know that in the beginning of our relationship, everything they we're saying sounded amazing and I was almost in awe of their awaited pursuits. Then months and years go by and those same people are still just talking and have nothing to show for it.

    Talk is cheap. Unless action follows behind it, I'll just take anyone's word as fiction.

    And even for myself as anxious as I am to share what I'm doing keeping things quiet is always better in the long run. You avoid the risk of embarrassment when things fall through and are more free to make mistakes with out eyes constantly watching your every move you make watching for every trip and stumble.

    So, I say down with hype. Action is where it's at!

  2. I really Love this post. It really resonated with me. Sometimes it's not even about the hype, it's about getting the dream in motion. So many people waste time trying to be glamorous and the journey to true success isn't glamorous or easy. Facebook and Twitter has made mediocre men and women feel more important than they really are.

  3. You've hit the nail right on the head once again. We all need to keep ourselves in check and not give in to the 'temptation to hype'.

  4. recently I've seen people tweet such things as "sleep is the cousin of death".. like how is you tweeting from the club at 3am hustling?? anyways, I can't agree more with this post.. good piece!

  5. thanks for sharing..dont only talk the talk but also walk the walk..

  6. Oh I love this post. I feel like re-directing people to it in the hope that they'll take the hint and shut up. "@xyz is at the bank" "@xyz just signed papers to release x amount of money"
    let me know when it comes to fruition.

    I'm a very private person. I hate failure and hate people knowing I've failed even more so I keep my mouth closed until it's done.
    strut{t} mode

  7. 'Anyone who is afraid of failure is a failure'

  8. I absoluetly love this!

  9. I really love this post!!!!