Thursday, 23 July 2009

Who pays on a date?

So it's official Thursday has become video blog/rant day! Last week I recommended people go on a friendship detox and I'd like to say thank-you for the overwhelming response. I'm still trying to catch up on Facebook messages, emails etc so bear with me!

As ever I'll just let you watch the video and make up your own minds. The point of the clip is to provoke debate with your friends, family, haters, bailiffs and that person that you sit opposite to on the train everyday but you still haven't said hello to!

I have some ideas about the next few videos but then again they could be absolutely crap. Ergo I'd love to hear your ideas, so email me, Facebook me, write a comment, scream in the get my drift!

Peace, Love and Jill



  1. Hmmm... I don't know. Officially women still haven't yet caught up to men when it comes to salary and respect within the workplace. It might seem that way but offial statistics says there is a long way to go. So in not circumstance should there be any movement for women to pay for a date! I also think it's WRONG to say 'Any time I'm not paying for clothes, I'm losing money I could be spending on clothes'! That is bimbo talk. Clothes are clothes. Manage your money so that you can spend on clothes but still afford to pay your way on a date.

    I agree with what you say about it being hypocrital to put demands on a man to pay in the society we live in today. I persoanlly think that if women want to have respect and be seen as independant, we have to earn it - which means not behaving like we still live in the 1800s or not being willing to pay for a meal or anything other than clothes and make-up.

    Your solution sounds like it's fair but then it leaves scope for the person who has been asked out on a date to get a free meal regardless. I don't believe in that. If a man asks me out and I decide to go, it's because I want to find out what he's about, not to get a free dinner out of it. Therefore if I decide to go, I commit myself to paying half. If the guy offers to pay, then that is in his favour but I'm not going to expect him to.

    Good topic tho!

  2. I'm all for paying half on the first dates; I even pay for myself and my boyfriend when I can and when he lets me...however, if a guy insists on paying, i'm not gonna stop him. I never do that 'offer to pay without intending to' thing; don't see the point.
    The solution u came up with was a good one; I guess it's fair, but like 'anonymous' said, if i go on a date, its because i want 2 know more about the man aswell, so I'm quite happy to contribute to the bill...

  3. From a male perspective, I totally agree with you 100%. I love spending on my girlfriend- whether we're eating out or shopping for her. Although, if she does offer- I do appreciate it, and I respect it- even though i still will pay in the end! And no, she doesn't just say it for the sake of it- every now and then I do let her pay- so that way she can still maintain her independant status in our relationship- plus i save some money for some new crepes! :-D