Friday, 23 January 2009

Switch it off at midnight

I have a theory.

The changes in methods of communication have caused a number of phenomena.

We are ‘in touch’ with people all the time. In fact we communicate so much we get annoyed when our mobile rings and ignore the 84 notifications we have when we log onto Facebook. I call it communication saturation.

Although there has been an increase in the methods of communication there has been a simultaneous decrease in the quality of our conversations and in turn the substance of our relationships. We don’t say ‘I love you’ we text it. We email instead of writing a heartfelt letter. We Facebook long lost friends that we should really make an effort to see. Ironically the explosion in methods of communication has effectively depersonalised it and made it hollow.

The fact that the devices we communicate with come with memory cards, hard drives, video/audio-recording capabilities, cameras, editing suites and other random things, we are all walking spies.

What does this mean?
Well in times gone past, when relationships fell apart, there was no hard proof of our moments of weakness. But those days are no more. Text messages can be eternally stored on SIM cards, voicemails are ripped from mobiles onto PC’s (well Mac’s since usually only Mac users can do such wickedly useful acts) and X-Rated photographs can go global at the click of a button.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a problem. Now there is evidence. Irrefutable evidence

So what’s the solution?
Switch it ALL off at midnight. Because for some reason, when the clock strikes twelve, the likelihood of doing something you’ll one day regret, multiplies. .

Think of the last text you wish you could ‘unsend’.

Or the last confession/statement you made over the phone, that when you woke up the morning after you wondered if you ‘really said that’.

Or the last time you called the person you vowed you would never speak to again.

I can almost guarantee that each time technology enabled folly, it occurred after midnight and before 4 am. And I’m not sure why.

For a brief moment I thought boredom caused our reasoning faculties to deplete at midnight. But let’s face it, that’s not a good enough reason, we’re bored all the time. Heck we’re so bored we spend more time posing for pictures on nights out than dancing…..I digress.

Now the thing is I’m not denying that communicating after midnight has its uses. In fact late night conversations are probably one of the most crucial development stages in a relationship. You see, although we’re using methods of communication that eventually erode the quality of our relationships, in the short run they enhance the nature (and entertainment value) of our conversations.

It’s funny what you’ll type/say, late at night when you can’t physically see someone (well unless you’re using iChat). We become brazen and broach subjects we otherwise wouldn’t. This applies to men and women equally. Late night conversations virtual and audio are a fantastic means of getting to know a persons dirty little secrets. And this is all well and good if you end up marrying the person and living happily ever after.

Unfortunately 99.9% of the time this doesn’t occur. And an individual you no longer like that much, has access to texts, emails, Facebook/MSN messages, photographs, video footage etc that you’d like to forget even happened.

Side bar: BlackBerry Messenger users beware. The ‘copy history’ function could one day be use against you. PING!!! with caution.

Now it’s not that I believe that your ex will use the information against you. But the fact is every now and again you will feel random pangs of worry when you simply remember. And I don’t want my readers worrying.


Unless you’re dating a celebrity that could help you blow up if your ‘private’ goes ‘public’. If you’re ‘seeing’ someone and you’re not sure.

Switch off at midnight.

Peace, Love and Patrice Rushen


P.S I know the picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But Kimberly was always my favourite. And I’ve always said if all else fails I’ll just become a power ranger.

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