Wednesday, 31 December 2008

He Woke You Up This Morning....

I’m on a blog hiatus till the New Year so I’ll keep this brief.

I was ‘raised’ around church folks. Every Sunday in an atmosphere where people clap, cried, screamed, prayed, fainted, bellowed and sang all in adoration of a force that seems so far away yet in those moments tinged with emotional hysteria it could feel like he was staring right at you, daring you not to do the same.

Anyone exposed to institutionalised religion will undoubtedly understand that it can tinge your perceptions and leave you slightly jaded. However as I’ve grown I’ve realised that our perceptions of God are relative to how we see him.

So now some of us doubt his existence.

Some believe he is encompassed within the Universe itself and as a result truth is found within intuitive universal law.

And others choose to acknowledge a creator but not adhere to any particular religion.

The beauty of life is choice.

However let me indulge you with a phrase that rings from my childhood.

‘He woke you up this morning’.

“He woke you up this morning” is a phrase that is said from pulpits every single Sunday all around the world. A reminder that life is fragile and to be here is a privilege not a right. The idea the threads of our lives are in the hands of a benign creator who in his loving kindness has allowed us to see another day. An axiom used to provoke gratitude.

Some of you will despise me referencing to God as a ‘he’ arguing it is reflective of the inherent sexism in all religions. This is not a forum for me to defend any type of theology or religion. Theology is the attempt of fallible humans to understand a being, which by very definition is impossible to define. Beyond that if God is who people says he is, his truth and power radiates beyond the rituals religious authorities use to be push their own agendas.

So I don’t bother.


Although we all have different beliefs and we are all on our own paths.

We should all take a moment,

A moment to acknowledge that there is something holding all of this together.

Even amidst the recession and a world increasingly characterised by conflict, schism and division.There is something that keeps us going, believing, hoping, daring and enabling us to live another day.

Indeed when we look at it carefully, contrary to what ‘they’ suggest, all of us

Black, White, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Gay, Straight and Not to Sure…

Have more in common that the petty issues we allow to drive us apart.

All of us,

Theist, atheists, agnostic,

Will admit the fabric of our lives isn’t really held by us, but the beautiful people, families and friends who make it worth living.

Those people are a gift.

And if for a moment we examined the superficial, baseless ‘issues’ we allow to consume us

We will realise that the ‘gift’ we are already in possession of, is all that really matters.

So whatever kind of 2008 you had.

For the past 365 days, you woke up.

You’re still here.

You may have lost someone and some things on the way.

But you’re still here.

That alone is something to be grateful for.

I hope you have an amazing 2009.

Love always

Christiana xxx

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